USA!! USA!! Fabiano Caruana wins the 2018 FIDE Candidates' Tournament in Berlin

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In honor of Fabiano Caruana's win the 2018 FIDE Candidates' Tournament in Berlin,  We will have a special on all of our USA made products!  You will get 20% off of selected USA Products.  Check out the article on by Peter Doggers here:
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Hard to believe that I knew him way back when he was playing in New York City.  Honestly,  I thought GM Mark Tyler Arnold was going to be one of the next great ones,  but you could always tell there was something special about Fabiano.
Check out the website and use the coupon code "Fabiano" to get your 20% discount.  Discount is only off of listed retail website prices.  You cannot combine this offer with any other offers on the site.
Over 15 years ago,  we acquired a folder of unpublished photograph of the Kodak stop of Bobby Fischer's simul tour in 1964.  The simul was closed to all non-Kodak employees and no one other than the Kodak Photographers were allowed allowed to take pictures.
Jump up 30 years and a friend at Kodak was tasked to clean out some cabinets in the archive.  As he was dumping photos by the handful in the garbage,  he noticed a folder full of pictures playing chess.  Luckily for us,  and now you,  he had the foresight to hold on to them.  After some negotiations,  we were lucky enough to end up with them.  
Now I am sitting on 17 photos from the simul exhibition.  Alas,  the negatives were not lucky enough to be saved.  Of the 17 pics,  there are 13 with Bobby Fischer featured in the frame.  I am thinking about doing a limited print run of 100 prints/picture on 18" X 24" canvas.  Each canvas will be numbered.  We would love to get customer feedback on the idea and what they think each picture might be worth.  Just wait till you see the picture of Robert James Fischer at the Demo board explaining a Queens pawn opening!
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