Shelby Lohrman's Review of the Latest Metal Ultimate Pieces

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Shelby Lohrman

The Bobby Fischer Metal Ultimate Chess Set changed my opinion on metal chess pieces. I was always a fan of the wood UCP in Rosewood or Paduk.  Until now, I never had the desire to play with metal chess pieces. 

Made for the tournament chess player who loves their Ultimate Chess Pieces but is seeking a classier set for playing at home. Patterned on the famous UCP design, the pieces are a hefty weight silver and black anodized metal set. Looks nice, plays nice and weighs in at a whopping 9.85 lbs! 

The bottoms have thick billiard black felt, and the bases will demand a 2.25 inch square chess board.  The set looks great on every board I have set it on. Because the king weighs more than a good steak, expect to build up your forearms while you play chess. Hopefully you are not playing against an easily frustrated opponent with a pension for throwing pieces at you.

Just a heads-up, everyone who sees this set feels compelled to come over and pick it up. I cannot wait to take this set with me to tournaments like the   National Open! 

This set comes in a fitted presentation box for storage.

Buy it HERE!

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