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A TON of chess sets sold across this great country of ours. Most of the Plastic Chess Sets are made in China. Wood Chess Sets are mainly produced out of India. Sets from both these countries are then sold all over the world. Our industry has yet to establish a set of guidelines to help our customers make the right choices when it comes to chess pieces.

American Chess Equipment carries Unweighted Chess Sets, Solid Chess Pieces, Double-Double Chess Sets, and Triple Weighted Chess sets. We will break down each set and give you some of the aliases (descriptions) other vendors use for them in their descriptions. It is important for my customers to know EXACTLY what they are buying. For ACE, an informed customer is our best customer.

Unweighted Chess Set – ACE carries the model #04-1237. Our old number was #2020. Our set chess set weighs in at 1lb. This set is manufactured of high grade plastic with paper felt bases. This set comes with Double Queens. These sets are manufactured with a space for a weight in case the pieces are ordered weighted. The space is covered by the felt, but most students either poke holes in the felt or peel it off of the piece. Compare it to top competitors
·        Single Weighted Regulation Plastic Chess Pieces - 3.75" King
·        Basic Club Chess Pieces

Solid Chess pieces – Solid Chess pieces are the industry’s answer to the problem of the unweighted chess set’s space for the weights. Solid chess pieces do not have the space for the weight in the bottom of the piece. Most solid pieces still use the paper felts. This set comes with Double Queens. Compare to top competitors

  • Solid Regulation Plastic Chess Pieces - 3.75" King
  • Quality Club Chess Pieces

Double-Double Weighted Chess Set – The Double-Double Weighted Chess Set (model # 04-1137) is the weighted version of the Unweighted Chess Set. The factory glues a weight into the space and covers it with paper felt. It is a nice upgrade to the Unweighted set, but the weights will eventually loosen up. There will be a BLOG post describing the best way to repair loose weights. This set weighs in at 2lbs. We named it the Double-Double because it is double weighted and has double queens. Compare it to top competitors

  • Triple Weighted Regulation Plastic Chess Pieces - 3.75" King
  • Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces

Triple Weighted Chess Sets – ACE carries a variety of triple weighted Chess Sets. We are re-launching the Ultimate Chess Set. We are in the mold phase right now so the pieces are still a couple of months away. Our Ultimate Chess Set will weigh 3.5-4lbs. It is a superior chess set because the design and the weighting system we use for the set. We also carry the Cavalier Chess Set which weighs in at a little over 3lbs. It is rare to find a high quality chess set that weighs over 3lbs where the weights do not loosen up quickly.

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