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Ultimate Chess Pieces - Sheesham/Boxwood - 3.70" King

 The Ultimate chess set has a long and storied history.  First brought about by Dewain R. Barber and Jay Blem to give the market a sturdy, reliable set that would not break the bank.  Heavy and durable, this set became the ionic chess set here in the United States.  

We took the set from a 3 5/8" King to a 3.70" king.  Since we could not use the lead weights anymore we widened the base a little to keep the weight up.  At 3.527 lbs, it is one of the heaviest wood sets for its size on the market

We took out Ultimate Chess pieces to our factory in India and had them turn an exact copy of the pieces.  These are some of the heaviest wood chess pieces out there for the size.

  • Traditional Staunton style chess pieces
  • Fits perfectly on a 2.25" square board
  • 3.70" king.  USCF and FIDE tournament regulation size
  • Pieces are kiln dried Sheesham (Dark) and Boxwood (Light) pieces
  • Pieces are handpolished & weighted for better stability during play
  • Weighs in at 3.527 lbs!
  • Includes 32 chessmen with felt bottoms.  Single Queens

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very Nice

I never had one of the Ultimate sets in plastic, but I ran across this version in Sheesham/Boxwood and to me is a particularly attractive design. The weight of the pieces is wonderful and the quality is top notch.

Doug Stenclik
My dream set!

I have always wanted a playable but beautiful wood set to keep in my house to analyze games with. Shelby took photos of it setup on the board and sent them to me before I decided and then the set shipped out that same day. Great set and great service.

Riaz Karamali
Beautiful and playable set

As an owner of one of the original ultimate sets from years back as well as the newer "butter" model, I am delighted to have this newest wood set. These pieces are well crafted, impeccably finished and hefty. I am very happy to buy a traditional 32 piece chess set, and as I do not play in FIDE tournaments, see no need for having two extra queens. I am actually very tempted to purchase the redwood set as well!

Awesome heft, grain, knights, pawns...the whole set rocks!

I knew right away after I had received the newly weighted plastic Ultimates that just arrived I had to obtain the wood version of this set.I was so enamored with the Sheesham set that I just had to have the Redwood version which I have already placed a future order when the next wave arrives sometime in the months to come as soon as this first wave sells out which will be rather quickly when word of the beautiful heft, woodgrain and feel of these pieces gets around to the general chess set buying public. The set outdoes the competition by a long shot! I own 2 of the butter yellow contested (not in my book) color, 4 of the new off-white newly weighted awesome plastic version and now the Sheesham version. My personal collection will be nicely rounded out when the Redwoods arrive later this year. I was about to order the Zagreb version next wave to come, but playing with this set just today with some analysis review games I follow in my chess book collection it was just screaming at me to change my future order to own the Redwood version of the Ultimates and what an outstanding looking wood it is! I own an ebonized version of this set from other another vendor but it's much lighter in weighting and not as hefty as this new wood version by ACE. Thank you kindly Shelby Lohrman you made my day. To all my fellow chess lovers, don't hesitate to buy this one you will be well pleased with your purchase. I sure am! Peace to all.

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