Staunton Chessmen – Weighted & Handpolished Acacia & Boxwood with 2.5 in. King

  • $64.99

These attractive chessmen in the traditional English Staunton style are crafted from Sheesham and Kari wood. They are hand polished for a beautiful luster and they are weighted for greater stability. The Staunton design has become the standard for tournament play. The pieces are easily distinguishable making for easier game play. Knights are made to resemble the head and neck of a horse. Kings are the tallest pieces featuring a cross atop a closed crown. Queens are slightly smaller than the kings, and feature a coronet topped with a small ball. Rooks feature castle battlements, and bishops resemble a liturgical headdress of a western church. Pawns are the smallest and are topped by a plain ball. The pieces which represent humans (the king, queen, bishop, and pawn) feature a collar which separates the body from the head design. These will be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Staunton style chess pieces
  • Pieces are crafted from wood – Acacia and Boxwood
  • Pieces are handpolished & weighted for better stability during play
  • King measures 2.5 in. tall
  • Includes 32 chessmen with felt bottoms

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great gift for bigginers and Intermidiates

Recently I received a free sample from WE Games with the intent to give them my honest review. In all honesty, my first look of the set, not to my liking. But once I got a hold of the pieces and began using them with my nephew, I started to really enjoy the weight and feel of the pieces. They are nicely polished and their choice of wood is a good contrast. My only gripe with the set is that I usually mistake the bishop for the queen, but that may be due to my lack of playing the game enough and my lack of good vision. At the end of the day this is a great item to give to a beginning chess player or to someone who occasionally plays for fun. It also makes for a great set to have on display since the finish and design on them are well done.

Nice Pieces!

I received a free sample of this game from WE Games. These chess pieces are on the smaller side but are surprisingly detailed and weighted! They are a perfect upgrade from the travel chess set I’ve been using. I love how beautiful they are, and the felt on the bottom makes them feel very high end when picking them up and placing them on the board.

Del Mac
Beautiful set of Staunton chess pieces

I received a free sample of this game from WE Games. The chess pieces are beautiful and well made, great detail. Will last a long time. They go well with a wood board I have.

ricardo vazquez
Great Premium Chess Pieces

I received a free sample from WE Games, and here is my honest review. These are great chess pieces. A bit on the small size at 2.5". However, it is a perfect for young son and I to play with. I will be utilizing a 12" board for play. Again great quality and detail on chess pieces.

Kyle Acheson
Looks great, Feels great

The 2.5" Staunton Chess pieces are made with excellent wood and look fantastic on the board. They are suitable for a slightly smaller chess board, ie. not the green and white tournament boards. They are weighted, although they are not heavy like triple-weighted tournament pieces. This gives them a nice heft for their size. In my experience, the felt on the bottom of the pieces would prove irresistible for children to peel off, so I'd treat this as more of a home set than a scholastic set. Overall, the craftsmanship is lovely.

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