Metal Ultimate Chess Pieces - 3.75" King - Weighs over 9.5 lbs! - Due in 3-17-2021!!!!

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Metal Ultimate Chess Pieces - 3.75" King - Weighs over 9.5 lbs!

The iconic Ultimate Chess pieces have steadily been evolving over the decades. It was brought out to the the best weighted chess set on the market.  It eventually evolved into the pieces we have today.  but we did not stop there.  We brought out the Ultimate Chess pieces in 3 wood choices: Redwood, Ebonized, and Sheesham.  These sets have been the best of their kind on the market.

Now we would like to announce the coming arrival of the Metal Ultimate Chess pieces.  The Ultimate series has been known as one of the heaviest sets on the market for their size.  Now we have the Metal Ultimates weighing in at over 9.5 lbs!  This set is truly one of my favorites.  Usually when you get a metal set they are not a playable design.  this traditional Staunton design not only looks great, but plays great too!  Check out our pictures and you will see what I mean.  

Silver and Black plated  solid Metal Ultimate Chess Pieces with a 3.75" king.  Set comes single Queen.

01-4037 Metal Ultimate Height Base Weight
King 3.702" 1.676" 8.5 oz
Queen 3.155" 1.551" 6.8 oz
Bishop 2.737" 1.477" 6.0 oz
Knight 2.418" 1.4" 5.8 oz
Rook 2.179" 1.371" 5.2 oz
Pawn 1.859" 1.237" 3.4 oz

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