Equalizer Chess Dice - Set of 2

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The equalizer dice make the game of chess closer to “equal” when one player's skill level is much higher than the opponent's.  Sick of not having anyone to play because you are SO good at chess? Are all your friends so good you never have a chance to win?  Or, are you just looking for a new chess variant to make the game more interesting?  If so, you need a set of the Equalizer Dice!  These are great gifts for chess clubs or to your aspiring chess player.  

Very easy rules on how to play:
Die #1: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn
Die #2:  Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn, Pawn
Equalizer Dice can be played with either one or both players using a set of dice.
Player begins by rolling the pair of dice to determine which piece they may move.  The player may move either of the pieces indicated on the two dice.  A player who rolls doubles (the same piece on both dice) may play any legal move.  If the pieces that come up on the roll are not legally able to move, the dice must be rolled again.
Castling may be done when the move is legal and when the king, rook, or doubles have been rolled. A player who is in check can only play a legal response to that check (capturing the checking piece, moving the king, or interposing a piece)
The game ends with checkmate of the king.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Zachary L Pepsin

Equalizer Chess Dice - Set of 2

Agnes Zee
Love these!

Great product so our kids can concentrate on strategy for just two pieces at a time (unless they roll doubles). Works well to level the playing field between everyone, too. Dice we received were great. They were not packaged as shown and did not come with instructions - this was not a problem for us since we are familiar with their use.

Rev Dr. Paul R Jones
A Game Changer

The addition of chess dice to the game for beginners is a great help. For the experienced chess player it adds chance to the game. No longer can a grand master bull doze a novice off the board. It takes skill to make the most of your dice roll and when the better player is restricted by the dice. Suddenly, the playing field is less threatening. It allows the new player to learn the pieces and throttles back the more experienced player. I use them for solitaire chess as it is more satisfying to me than computer chess.

Terry Nichols
Equalizer Dice

These dice are just what you need, especially if you are a solo gamer like I am. They completely remove any favoritism for one side of the other. I am currently running a 50 game tournament for dice chess. Great product and fast shipping. Order yours now!

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