Bobby Fischer Chess Clock - Powered by DGT

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In honor of  Bobby Fischer, we are happy to bring you the Bobby Fischer Digital Chess Clock, Powered by DGT. It is the only one like it on the market in a deep blue and black color.

The DGT North American was developed in cooperation with the United States Chess Federation for the US market, but later also released on to the global market.

The Delay option was made to suit US custom and is different from FIDE clocks.

All other options are according to FIDE rules. See the manual for more detailed information.

To compare the options between DGT NA and DGT 2010 please see this link to our frequently asked questions section.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A must for every chess player

Recently I received a free sample from WE Games with the intent to give them my honest review. At first it's a little complicated to understand how the clock works but the instructions are clear. Once you understand the initial start up and how to set it up it becomes second nature. Also, who wouldn’t want to use the clocks that the professionals use. The face buttons have a nice audible click to them so you know when you press them and the toggle switch on the top you use when in play is nice and soft with a nice thud. From what I hear it helps to not distract you when playing but helps you realize you’ve successfully pressed the switch. A good purchase for anyone wanting to up the difficulty in playing chess and a must for everyone who plays chess regularly.

Kyle Acheson
Amazing Chess Clock

The Bobby Fischer clock is fantastic for scholastic chess. I use it in class and for scholastic tournaments. This is the standard and I see it all over at competitions and even in the park for casual timed games. Worth the cost, just make sure to pick up a few at a time since shipping can be rather expensive.

Highly Recommended

I purchased the clock to honor Bobby Fischer. It seems so long ago now, but one should add the increment (AKA bonus or add-back) to Fischer’s contribution to chess. Fischer applied for the patent in 1998. Now it is the preferred time control used all over the world and in FIDE events in particular. Choose from a number of preset time controls or create your own and save it. I like the feel of the improved lever mechanism of this DGT model. I expect many years of rugged use with it, from standard time controls to blitz. Many thanks to Shelby Lohrman (the owner of ACE) for adding a personal touch to ensure everything about my purchase was in order. Great customer service. Thank you!

NM Mitch Vergara
San Antonio, Texas

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