Wood Grain Spruce-Tek Chess Pieces with 4 1/8" King

  • $119.95

This heavily weighted Staunton Weighted chess set looks like real wood but it's actually made from a resin based Spruce Tek material. This is a formidable set that has a traditional Staunton design and chunky pieces.  This resin based set is made to look like a high end lacquered wood set.  Get the durability of the resin pieces with the look and feel of a exclusive set from India.

You might call this set an "Attention Grabber".  The finish and look of the pieces almost demands people come over and feel the heft of the pieces.

1)  Set weighs in at 3.85 lbs.  

2)  Pieces are made from resin with metal weights.  They have the "Spruce-Tek" finish that makes the pieces look like wood

3)  Double Queens

4)  These have "Leatherette" bottoms (high quality vinyl)

5)  Fits on a 2.25" to 2.5" square chess board.

Customer Reviews

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Dan Ragle
Great Faux Wood Set

Received this set as a Christmas present. I've been looking for a great "Brown and Beige" Faux Wood set and this one definitely fits the bill (though some I'm sure will argue the dark pieces are more red than brown). Initial impressions: It's pricey in my opinion but a terrific set overall.

Pictures are with the Saddle Brown Flex board, with 2.25 inch squares. With a 1 7/8 inch king base the pieces are a tad crowded on a 2.25 inch board, but I tend to like them on the crowded side so consider it a perfect fit. But if you're not a fan of crowded I suspect you'll want to use a larger board.

The finish and weight are great. The seams are there, but I found I had to pick up the pieces and examine them to find them. Nearly impossible to see from a distance.

Instead of typical felts the pieces have vinyl bottoms. At first I thought these might grab the flex board too much, but in giving them an initial tryout that doesn't seem to be the case. There is a small amount of grip there that I don't notice with my Fischer Ultimate set (with traditional felts), but not too much.

One minor disappointment: Out of the box there is a small blemish on the bottom of one of the dark Knights; perhaps an extra glob of glue, not sure. It's not immediately noticeable on the board, since it's tucked just beneath the bottom lip of the base. PIcking at it with my fingernail seems to be getting it off.

Overall very pleased with this set.

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