King's Crown Ultimate Chess Medal - Gold, Silver, or Bronze

  • $7.99

King's Crown Ultimate Chess Medal - Gold, Silver, or Bronze

These medals are HUGE.  A standard medal is either 2" wide or 2" tall.  These medals measure 3.5" wide and 2.6" tall.   Other medals are pitiful in size compared to these ones!

These King's Crown Chess Medals were made to be participation trophy replacements.  Trophies are bulky to ship and there always seems to be one or 2 damaged in the box.  You will not have to worry about that problem here!

Another new twist with these medals is how the ribbon is attached.  With most medals, you will see a wimpy "o" ring holding the medal to the ribbon.  If you have ever seen how kids react after they get a medal, they put the ribbon on their finger and spin the medal around.  I have seen many a medal fly off their "o" ring and do some damage.  With the solid metal bar on the back holding the ribbon in place, the 2 will only part on purpose.  Otherwise, the back is open for personalization (1" Tall by 2.25" Wide).  

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