Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Game – B Is For Birthday – Two, 500 piece puzzles

  • $16.95

It was his 60th…and suddenly became his last…birthday party. But who killed Phinius Fleatic, the highly respected and greatly feared dog show judge? All of the breeders present dreaded his next pointed opinion about their preciously perfect poochies. Only superior sleuthing can solve the puzzle and sniff out the dirty dog! First you read the story that outlines the crime. That is simple enough. Then you assemble two 500 piece puzzles that represent “before” and “after” evidence of the crime. Easily done, except these two puzzles have been mixed in the SAME BAG!  And to preserve the mystery, no actual puzzle art is shown. After the puzzles are finally assembled, there is still a baffling murder mystery to be solved.  Hours of puzzle solving fun for crafty sleuths aged 12 to adult. Two 500 piece 13 x 10 inch puzzles.

•    Contains two 500 piece puzzles that have been diabolically mixed together in the same bag!
•    Discover why this birthday party has gone to the dogs!
•    To find out who really dunnit, hold the solution up to the mirror!
•    See if you’re barking up the wrong tree!
•    Hours of puzzle solving fun for crafty sleuths aged 12 to adult!

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