WE Games 4 Way Chess Set

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Four way chess is a version of chess with four players and consists of a special board and four sets of differently colored pieces. Four-player chess is played according to the same basic rules as two player chess with some variations in rules. Surprisingly, four player chess was first referenced in an Indian text from 1500, Tithitattva of Raghunandana. The first documented version of a modern four way chess set was written by Captain George Hope Verney in England in 1881. This four player set comes with a 24 inch rollup board, four sets of chessmen (red and silver, neon green and blue), and a chess bag. 

    •    Includes a four-way chessboard - Measures 23.25 x 23.25 inches with 1.56 inch squares
    •    Four sets of chessmen in red/silver and neon green/blue
    •    Chessmen are solid plastic for better stability - Matte finish prevents glare
    •    King measures 3.75 inches tall with 1.5 inch base
    •    Black bag is included for easy storage