Bobby Fischer Mousepad Roll-up Travel Tournament Chess Boards - Choice of 5 colors

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Bobby Fischer Mousepad Roll-up Travel Tournament Chess Boards - Choice of 5 Colors!

 When we saw this Bobby Fischer Photo online I knew we had to re-create the board.  You can tell it is a 2 color board, but since it is in Black and White, we had to make educated guesses on what colors to use.  To be safe, we made them in 5 different colors.  We used Army Green, Blue, Slate Grey, Burgundy, and Purple.  

Bobby Fischer was an American-born prodigy and chess writer Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. At age 15, Fischer was the youngest grandmaster and the youngest World Championship candidate. He became the eleventh World Chess Champion when he won the match in 1972 against USSR’s Boris Spassky which was publicized as a Cold War confrontation. Bobby Fischer made numerous lasting contributions to chess during his lifetime.

Proudly produced in the USA, this mousepad chess mat measures 20 x 20 inches and is .07 inch thick and conforms to World FIDE and United States Chess Federation tournament regulation standards. Widely used alphanumeric notation is included along the sides of the board to record a player's moves. Mouse pad chess boards are quickly becoming a favorite among chess enthusiasts because they have a soft surface with a thicker board than a vinyl or silicone chess mat, they always lay flat, and they do not slide around due to the grippy bottom. Because the board doesn't slide around during play, this type of board is preferred by fast chess players for rapid chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess when less time than normal tournament play is allotted to the players.  Time is shorter, chess moves are rapid, and a board that slides can send the chess pieces flying. The padded surface of the board also extends the life of weighted chessmen.  The board can be rolled-up to fit inside a chess bag, or it can be folded and stashed in a back pack without keeping a crease. 
    •    Mousepad chess board/mat
    •    Board measures 20 x 20 inches and is 1/16 inch thick
    •    Squares measure 2.25 inches
    •    Stays flat and does not slide - Can be rolled-up or folded for storage
    •    Meets the World and US Chess Federations (FIDE & USCF) standards for tournament play

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Customer Reviews

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very good board, bad label

These boards are very good. The only problem is the prominence of the name "Bobby Fischer" on them. This is bad, not so much because Fischer had some bad qualities (although he certainly did), but because the inevitable result of a game challenge will be followed by, "Oh, you think you're pretty cool with your Bobby Fischer chess board?" :) Same for the Bobby Fischer chess pieces: they are great, but the box label is a bit much.

Best tournament board on the market

It's high quality materials, printing, clarity, grip of felted pieces, and still compact roll up size make this the clear leader in the market for chess boards. I get compliments weekly on using this board!

George Washington Jr
A replacement

Comments here are as follows;

Board purchased was a replacement. Had this stolen at Harold Washington Park.

Exceptional quality and colors.

These mouse pad chessboard are great additions to my chess equipment bag of items. They travel well and fold flat with beautiful colors to boot with the famed late American Grandmaster's name Bobby Fischer on both the light and dark army's furthest light right corner first rank. Easy to clean and transport. A winner! Thank you Shelby and Wood Expressions /American Chess Equipment. I'm a loyal and lifetime customer who always returns when good products are for sale here. This is definitely one of them.

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