Bobby Fischer® Ultimate Chess Pieces with New and Improved Weighting System

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The Bobby Fischer Ultimate Tournament Chess Pieces give the chess player the ultimate chess-playing experience!

This innovative set of chess pieces was specifically designed for the serious chess player. The pieces are ergonomically engineered to feature smooth surfaces and seamless edges to make extended games comfortable and a joy to play. The large-headed pawns and bishops, and the grooved knights are easier to grasp. Our exclusive weighting system is designed to last the life of the set (within reason of course). The weight is incorporated into the body of the piece without the use of glue or a friction hold.  With thick billiard felted bottoms, you can rest assured these chess pieces will endure many years of rigorous play.

  • Meets all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for chess play
  • Pieces are triple weighted and weigh collectively 3.8 lbs. (1.72 kg)
  • The king measures 3.75 in. (95.2 mm) tall with a 1.65 in (41.9 mm) base diameter
  • Exclusive weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess pieces
  • Includes 34 pieces including 2 extra queens, a hallmark of a good chess set

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Figueroa
A fine investment

I ordered this set a couple months back and since then the pieces have been continuously used and show no signs of wear. Albeit a couple months is not too long, I’ve had sets go out much sooner than this. I am mainly referring to the weights within which gives the pieces their hefty feel. In other sets after just a couple weeks of play the weights become loose and the pieces jingle. This set is unlike those previously had as these pieces remain solid and there is no loosening of the internal weights.

Additionally the pieces fit very well on a 2.25” square board and are very comfortable to play with, the enlarged tops of the pawns and bishops are easy to grab and maneuver with. All pieces are evenly weighted which gives a nice feel and pleasurable playing experience. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a set that is well built, backed by good customer service and plans on playing chess for years to come as this set will undoubtedly withstand the times.

Fletcher Flennoy

Love it

My thoughts

I purchased this set from Amazon. I like how The weights are actually molded into the chess set with no glue. This way nothing should ever come loose.
I like everything about the chess pieces except for the following:
The knight lacks any kind of detail and looks like a stoned donkey. The entire mane lacks detail and looks lazy. Not sure why the top on the mane comes to a point. Need to be careful how you pick it up or you get stuck with it. It won’t hurt you but I find it annoying. I hear people are using Emery files to round that out on top. I am definitely going to try that.
The pawn is very nice with the big round ball. However, the weird thing under the ball that flares out is just weird for a better word.
The felt would be unacceptable if this was an expensive wood set, so I would give the felt an ok rating for plastic. I did have some time on my hands and some really nice felt. I replaced the felt and this really gave the set a serious upgrade feel.
Even with all the negatives I pointed out it is still the best plastic chess that I have ever found.

Excalibur Chess set

I still have the original style set. The Excalibur!
Love it...

My honest opinion

Overall this is a very nice chest set. There’s like two things about it I really don’t like. The top of the knights Mane comes to a point and is a little sharp. I used a file to round it off. Even if it wasn’t sharp I don’t like the top of the knight coming to a point The only other thing I didn’t really like much were the felts on the bottom. I wish they were better quality. What I mean is better quality felt and really going edge to edge. The felts are not bad but they don’t go edge to edge on all the pieces. I wish I could pay extra to upgrade the felt on these pieces.

Hi Steve, thank you for leaving a review. I wasn’t able to locate an order from you for the Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Pieces, but I wanted to check into the issues that you mentioned to make sure we are only providing the very best products. I confirmed that the felts on the Ultimate pieces are of very good quality and do go from edge to edge. I also didn’t find knights that had a sharp mane. Please reach out to us at with your proof of purchase so we can be sure to verify that your concerns are regarding the Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Pieces and to address your concerns.

Best wishes, Chris.

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