Ultimate Tournament hybrid Chess Board - Grey Woodgrain with 2.25" squares

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 Ultimate "Hybrid" Tournament Chess Board - Grey Woodgrain with 2.25" squares.  This board has a weathered grey wood border with Macassar dark squares and Fiddleback Maple light squares.  

New from the Mind of Shelby Lohrman...the Ultimate "Hybrid" Tournament Chess Board.  What this board brings you is the best aspects of the vinyl chess boards and the thin mousepad chess boards.

Vinyl Chess boards are great...they clean up easy, fit in all chess bags, and have a very smooth surface where the pieces slide great.  The problems with mousepads are they eventually curl on the edges and they have no cushion, leading to weights loosening up in your heavy chess pieces.  Also, to any of you that have tried to play with a vinyl chess board outside...they can get blown over pretty easily.

Mousepad boards have a great cushion to extend the life of your weighted pieces.  They also are digitally printed, allowing for an infinite amount of colors to be printed on the board.  Pieces slide ok on the board, but not great.  they are awesome to play outside with because the mousepad backing grips the table making it harder for a gust of wind to flip the board.  Problems with the mousepad boards are they have a cloth top which is prone to staining.  You also get those tiny strings on the edges that us "OCD" chess players like to pick at.  

What our innovative hybrid board does it mounts a digitally printed vinyl top to a mousepad backing.  This gives you all the benefits of both the vinyl and mousepad boards with none of the negatives.  The backing keeps the vinyl from curling.  Pieces slide great on the vinyl top and get the added cushion of the thin mousepad backing.  

These boards are printed and assembled in the USA with materials from Taiwan.  Please note these pictures are our digital mock-ups.  The boards are in the manufacturing process as this is being posted.  Product will be available for sale by 11/1/21 at the absolute latest.  First batch will be limited to 150 pieces and they will be first come, first served.  Average production time is 5 weeks, so if you miss the first batch the odds are you will not be able to get them before the end of the holiday season.


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