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Posted by Shelby on 12/28/2016 to News
The Chess Industry is a funny thing.  Everyone sells the same products and we all beat each other up on the price.  You would think that one of us would figure out a way around this...and I think I have.  The idea is to come out with new products the customers want and need.  To do this correctly we need your help!  I am nothing without ideas from outside sources.  Most of the crazy ideas that have come out of American Chess Equipment have at least been ideas started by my customers.
After doing an analysis of weaknesses in the industry,  we noticed there was NOTHING that schools and clubs could buy for the beginner chess player.  This is not to say that the clocks out there are bad,  just they offer functions that 95% of the chess players would never need.  How many beginning chess players out there use INCREMENT or a second time control.  The idea was to get a basic chess clock out there that is inexpensive and easy to use.  This way parents of the scholastic chess players can get a exceptional product and save some money at the same time.  As a player gets more experienced they can graduate into a ZmartFun Chess Clock or a DGT North American.  See our new clock here:  WE GAMES Basic Chess Clock with delay - IN STOCK NOW
For another product we noticed on Amazon and Ebay there were a bunch of complaints about losing pieces from the Checkbook Magnetic Chess Set.  The old design had a pocket attached to it for storage of the pieces.  I mean what good is a pocket for something magnetic that is supposed to fit into your pocket?!?!  We ran with the idea and came out with our  Checkbook Magnetic Pocket Chess Set - New and Improved.  We made it a LOT harder to lose the pieces and even provided 2 blanks in case you did somehow.  
American Chess Equipment is the top provider for custom chess boards in the nation.  We sell more custom boards than anyone else.  Most of the people who offer this service actually use us for the product.  SHHHHHhhHHhHhhh!!!!  It's a secret!  The problem with custom printed vinyl chess boards is that adding colors gets real expensive.  The cost of a 3 or 4 color board will curl your toes.  We were thinking how can we get the extra colors on the board without adding too much extra cost?  The answer is to have custom mousepad material we can print in house.  If you want one color on the board or you want 20 colors the price is the same.  Yes,  the material does not allow the pieces to slide as well,  but you get the advantage of the material not having a memory.  We can also do some wicked designs on them too.  Wait till you see our wooden grain mousepad'll flip your lid!
The whole point of this article is I need your ideas.  ACE is driven to get their customers the products they need,  but the ideas have to come from somewhere.  How cool would it be to have one of your ideas actually made into a product?  We will give credit where credit is due.
By the way,  I am need of someone who can write code.  I am looking to do a computer program that I have no idea on how to get started.  
Happy Holidays,
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