Wenge and Lightwood Wood Grain MousePad Chess Boards - 20"

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Wenge and Lightwood Wood Grain MousePad Chess Boards - 20"
This board looks like one of the super high end chess boards from one of the fancy companies that you would pay thousands of dollars for.  The Wenge and Lightwood squares makes this chess board an attention grabber wherever you roll it out.  These boards have a 2.25" square and conform to all US Chess Federation and FIDE guidelines for tournament play.  Fits best with 3.75"-4" chess sets.

For the longest time I wondered why a company had not brought out a simulated wood chess board that was inexpensive and easy to carry around.  now that I have my own company,  I decided to do it myself.  These boards are 20" square with 2.25" squares.  Perfect for the nice wood chess set that you take to tournaments.  Printed on 1/16" material,  these fit in any chess bag.

Looking at other sites,  I always wondered why anyone would spend $200 - $500 - Even up to $3000 for a wood chess board.  I would be horrified to even play a game of chess on it for fear of damaging it somehow.  I know those boards are nice,  but there are better ways to spend your hard earned dollars.  This is why we came out with our line of wood grain mousepad chess boards.