VTEK300 Chess Clock - WHITE

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We would like to introduce the VTEK300 Advanced Chess Clock.  
This clock was designed to be the last chess clock you would ever have to buy.  American made.  Metal case.  Super Sharp displays.  This clock has it all in spades!  This is one of the easiest digital chess clocks in the world to set.  The programming of this chess clock is text based which allow most anyone to program the clock.  It is so easy my 75 year old dad can program it!  The manual is easy to follow and only 11 pages.  
Check out the review at chess.com:  https://www.chess.com/blog/shaun/do-you-need-a-new-chess-clock
I have helped on this clock for close to 5 years.  The back story is pretty interesting.  I ran into a dad buying a chess clock for his kid at the National Open.  He was complaining how his kid left his Chronos Chess clock at home and he had to buy him another chess clock.  We started talking about chess clocks and after explaining it to him for a while he told me that it was very close to what he manufactured.  Turns out he makes gas pump display and signage.  It took us a LONG time to get the clock to where it is right now and we think it is the best clock on the market.
If anything happens,  there is support in the USA,  Dallas actually!  If anything goes wrong with the clock,  they should be able to fix it for you.  You get 1 free firmware upgrade after you register your clock with the company.