Ultimate Chess Set - Triple Weighted - 3 5/8" King

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Ultimate Chess Set - Triple Weighted 3 5/8" King with double queens.  

We are now accepting pre-payment for the sets!  We just got pictures from our manufacturer that the molds are done and we will be getting the pre-production samples November 10th.  We are still shooting for the middle-end of December to ship these wonderful chess pieces. All pre-orders get the set for $24.95 each plus shipping.  If you are on the mailing list or pre-pay for the sets,  you will be the first ones able to get the chess sets.  I will ship them as soon as they arrive on our dock.
Pre-payment period ends 11-10-17.
  • Triple weighted.  This set weighs in at over 3.5lbs!
  • Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess sets.  Additional protection to keep the weights from loosening up or falling out.
  • Designed for the tournament player.  3 5/8" King with chunky pawns.  Great feel while playing.
  • Cream color is different than other sets off white.
  • Double queens is now standard.
  • Meets all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for chess play.
What happened with this set is now a matter of record.  Our supplier of over 15 years closed their factory and took our mold with them.  Probably melted the $15,000 mold down for scrap!  This was over 3 years ago and we have been scrambling to get the set back in production.  It's harder than you think to find a reputable factory with our high quality standards to produce such a set.  Then make the set so we can still sell you the set at a reasonable price.  

This chess set is finally getting produced.  After 5 years of torturous struggling,  the molds are being made as I write this description.  We have a 30-45 day mold period followed by 1 week of samples.  After the samples are approved,  we have a 2 week production period.  Then we have 3 days to consolidate the order in a container and 3 weeks to get it here on a boat.  So we are looking the 1st or 2nd week of December for these fine items.  

Make sure to get on the wait list.  People on the wait list will get first shot at my inventory and a special price.  Put it this way,  if you don't want to pay the retail price,  you should put your name on the list.  It will save you $13.