Ultimate Checkbook Magnetic Chess Set with Royal Crest logo

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Ultimate Checkbook Magnetic Chess Set with Royal Crest logo

 We have totally re-designed the Ultimate Checkbook Magnetic.  We listened to our customers and came up with a couple of ideas on our own.  Let me list them off for you:

1)  New logo on the outside.  We replaced the knight with our Royal Crest Logo.

2)  New color on the inside.  We went with the tournament regulation forest green.

3)  New Chess pieces.  The kings have been updated and there are now extra queens for each side.

4)  We included 2 blank discs for if you ever lose any pieces.  Just draw the piece in on the blank discs.

5)  The pocket is now gone.  Customers have been complaining that when they captured a piece it would fall out of the pocket sometimes.  The pocket is now replaced my a magnetic panel with the piece shapes printed on it so it is easier to keep track of your captured pieces!

 The magnetic chess set closed measures 6" wide by 3" tall when closed.  Open the set measures 9.3/4" long X 5 7/8" wide.  The discs are 1/2" in diameter.

Brought to you by Shelby Lohrman from American Chess Equipment.  All the updates and new ideas were provided by my awesome customers and feedback on the previous models.