Stained Black Chess Board with Inlay and 2.25" squares

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Stained Black Chess Board with Inlay and 2 1/8" squares
This is the nicest veneer chess board I have EVER seen.  I have been in the industry for a LONG time and this blows everything away....hands down.
Stained Black frame and dark squares with Bird's Eye Maple light squares and a Bamboo inlay border.  
This board starts out with a exquisite black stained frame and dark squares.  This give the wood that nice deep aged look with tremendous grain.  The Bamboo inlay border frames the board in a nice way without dominating the look of the board.  It gives a great transition.  What makes this board truly exceptional is the light squares. The non-repeating Bird's Eye Maple gives this board a super high end look without breaking your wallet.

Sorry about the pics.  I will have cropped ones on Monday.