Silicone Chess Board - 20" board with 2.25" squares

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Silicone Chess Board - 20" with 2.25" Squares.
Available in Green,  Black,  Blue,  and Red.
  • Roll-Up Silicone Tournament Chessboard
  • Made of 100% Silicone - Green & Buff Color Board
  • Includes Algebraic Notations in Green
  • Board Measures 19.75 Inches with 2.25 inch Squares
  • Silicone Performance Play Board - Non Slip Surface
New! Introducing our exclusive silicone chess mat. We took the traditional tournament chess mat and made it better. Enjoy the non-creasing, stay-flat surface that keeps your pieces from sliding around. Sure to become a favorite accessory of the tournament player.  You can stretch them,  fold them,  or crumple them up in your backpack and they will still lay flat.

Let ACE customize your silicone chess boards!  Give me a call or send me a email at shelby@woodexpressions so I can fill you in