Metal King Keychains - Chrome Gold, Silver Chrome, Electric Blue

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Metal King Keychains - Chrome Gold,  Silver Chrome,  Electric Blue
Measure 1.5" tall with3 different finishes.  We have Chrome Gold,  Chrome Silver,  and Electric Blue.  They are made from Zinc.  Plastic keychains are great for the kids,  but who wants their car keys attached to a regulation sized king?!?   A subdued way to show who you really are.  
These are the keychains I have been searching over 15 years for!  I originally found them from an artist from Poland and selling them at the World Open.  We were selling the Silver ones for $7 and the gold ones for $10.  American Chess Equipment is manufacturing them now,  so we were able to get the price WAY down.  It will be interesting to see what we sell out of first!