Fixing weighted chess sets with loose weights

Posted by Shelby Lohrman on 5/10/2017 to News

I appreciate the loyalty of all my customers.  Most chess retailers would NEVER tell you how to correctly fix a loose weight because they want you to buy another one.  That is one of the things that make me different from the rest. I know how annoying the rattling pieces can be. 
This is how to fix a loose weight on an Ultimate Chess Set Piece.  For the rest just ignore step 3 and 6 
If you want to take care of the rattle this is what I would do:
1) Go to Home Depot, Lowe's, or ACE Hardware and ask for a 2 part epoxy that binds metal to plastic. It should come in what looks like a huge syringe with 2 chambers. One side is the glue and 1 side is the activator.
2) Peel off the felt carefully.
3) Take a small screwdriver and pop off the cap at the bottom of the piece.
4) If the weight is rattling it means it is loose. The weight should come out relatively easily.
5) Grab a disposable cup and a mixing stick (make sure both are disposable) and squeeze out a small amount from both sides of the glue container in the cup and mix up thoroughly. Apply the mixed glue and activator to the weight and inside of the cavity where the weight goes. Make sure to not get any on you. It is a powerful glue. Put the weight back in the slot and wipe off the excess. Let the piece sit for 5 minutes.
6) Apply a little of the glue to the plastic cap and seal off the weight cavity at the bottom of the piece. Let the whole thing sit for an hour plus.
7) Use some Elmer's glue or rubber cement to re-apply the felt.  Make sure not to use to much because it will cause problems on the edges.

You now have a chess piece that should never have a weight that will every loosen up!
Hope this helps,
Shelby Lohrman