Fischer Series Wood Grain Plastic Chess Pieces - 4.25" King

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This plastic wood grain chess set is the coolest plastic chess set you will ever own.  It seriously looks like a lacquered wood chess set.  The wood grain will fool most all chess players into thinking this is a high end wood chess set.  Looks nice enough to leave out as a display set at home,  but sturdy enough to pack in your chess bag to bring to the tournaments. At 4.25" it is at the top end of the tournament regulation requirements,  but still perfectly legal for tournament play. 
The weighting for this set is one of the best systems I have seen.  You will not have problems with this set losing their weights. When I tested this set out,  I had to see what it would take to get the weights to loosen up. I needed 5 minutes with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to get the weights out.  The set weighs in at way over 3 lbs.
Fits the 2.25" tournament standard chess boards.  I would recommend this set to play on our Rosewood mousepad chess boards.