Executive Bag Tournament Chess Set - Tournament Bag, Basic Vinyl Chess Board, Quality Club Special Set

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Executive Bag Tournament Chess Set - Tournament Bag,  Basic Vinyl Chess Board,  Quality Club Special Set
This combo contains our high quality fully enclosed tournament bag, basic matte finish club special with double queens, and a vinyl chess board.
Our tournament chess bags have superior stitching and better zippers than most of our competitors. They are made to stand the test of time.

1)  Executive Tournament Chess Bag - Each padded chess bag has separate pockets for each side of pieces and a pocket for the clock.  2 loops to hold the rolled up chess board.  Even has a cell phone pocket on the outside.
2)  Basic Vinyl Chess Board - High quality stain resistant vinyl chess board with 2.25" squares that conforms to both US Chess federation and FIDE tournament standards.
3)  Quality Club Special Chess Set - Quality unweighted chess set with nice felts.  It conforms to US Chess Federation and FIDE World Chess tournament standards

The is a great set for the experienced tournament player.  The chess bag has everything fully contained inside with separate spaces for everything.  It is heavily padded with high quality zippers and stitching.  I will put this bag up against anything on the market right now at this price!!!