Bobby Fischer Series Triple Weighted Chess Set - 3.75" King

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Bobby Fischer Series Triple Weighted Chess Set - 3.75" King
We here at American Chess Equipment would like to introduce the Bobby Fischer Series Triple Weighted Chess Set,  previously known as the Cavalier Chess Set.  This triple weighted set of plastic chess pieces weighs in at WAY over 3 lbs.  Perfect piece sizing with detail you would normally expect in a high end wood chess set,  this triple weighted chess set will be a mainstay in your tournament bag.  
This set is an adaptation of the Pacific Games Chess Set that came out in the late 70's and early 80's.  Classic Styling with a great feel.
It's like having a super durable high end wood chess set that you are not scared to play bullet or blitz chess with!  Check out the design,  it is timeless.  The chunky Knights have a thick body and perky ears perky ears.  Bishops with classic lines.  The Queens with perfect sized tips on her crown.  Even the King has an understated cross atop his brow.  How can you go wrong with this set?  It is made to look like a wood set of chess pieces down to the color of the plastic.
Key Specs:
1)  Set weighs in at 3.1lbs
2)  King Height is 3.75".  Perfect for tournament play for either US Chess Federation or FIDE play.
3)  Color is Light Brown and Black
4)  Comes with 2X queens for each side.
Pairs perfectly with our Wood Grain Mousepad Chess Boards!