6000 Solid Plastic Club Special Chess Set: pieces, board, bag

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#6000 - Solid Plastic Club Special Chess Set: pieces, board, bag

Chess Set Combo consists of:

1 - Solid Club Special Chess Set-This sturdy solid plastic chess set of pieces are the gold standard for the club player. Because they are solid, they are less likely to tip over or break. The King measures 3 3/4" high with a 1 1/2" base with a green felt on the bottom. The matte finish prevents glare. These pieces are ideal for any school-aged player because they can take the abuse that kids dish out!

1 - 20" Basic Vinyl Chess Board-These boards are the correct size for tournament play. They are made of quality vinyl and can roll up and unroll easily for convenient storage, but they also resist tears and spills. The squares are 2 1/4" with algebraic notation.

1 - XL Vinyl Bag with Handle and Sleeve-This extra large vinyl chess bag has a larger, sturdy zipper and strong handles. This very durable chess bag which measures 12" x 9" can carry your chess pieces and scorebook and has a sleeve for your vinyl roll-up chess board. The handle allows you to carry all this to any chess location with ease.