American Chess Equipment has been a leader in the chess supply industry in the USA for over 25 years.  ACE was started by Dewain R. Barber and operated out of his garage,  He has the long term view of supplying the chess clubs and organizations with high quality good at a very reasonable price.  He was printing chess boards by hand out of his garage and curing them in the Southern California sunlight.
We are now the top custom vinyl board supplier in the nation.  Runs from 50-5000 units printed here in the USA.  Give us a chance on your boards and you'll be happy.  Custom Printed Premium Vinyl Chess Board - 100 pack
ACE is on the cutting edge of chess product development.  We are currently modernizing the Checkbook Magnetic Travel Chess Set    and coming out with a brand new TOP SECRET Basic Chess Clock with delay - Custom branded.  We are even re-introducing our classic Ultimate Chess Set - Triple Weighted - 3 5/8" King which has been out of stock for WAY too long!

Featured Products

 Heirloom Chess Set - Solid Walnut & Maple Chess Board, 21 in. (Made in USA)
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Chess Pencil Packs
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Executive Bag Tournament Chess Set - Tournament Bag,  Basic Vinyl Chess Board,  Quality Club Special Set
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Junior Chessmen - 2.5
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Old World Wooden Chess Set Box with Brass Latch
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Staunton Chessmen - Sheesham & Boxwood with 2.5 in. King
$34.95  $29.95
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